Monday, October 31, 2011

Scrapebox Auto Approve List – Usage, Making And Tips For Successful Posting

Internet marketers adopt a number of ways to generate good rankings in search engines. As you know greater the number of back links for your website higher would be the search engine ranking.  An easy way to grab back links is by submitting comments to various blogs. However, you will have to invest good effort in searching high ranking blogs to submit your comments and to get them approved. Now, to reduce your effort scrapebox auto approve list that includes list of well analyzed blogs are available.

To obtain desired results one has to be careful and select only high quality lists pertaining to their specific business niche. If you select poor quality lists then you will end up obtaining tons of spam back links which would only lower the page ranking and may even blacklist the site. So, while selecting the scrapebox auto approve list do not concentrate on the number of back links. Take care of the quality of the back links you will be obtaining. Having just 10 high quality back links is better than having 100s of spam back links.
Using the Scrapebox auto approve list

After obtaining the desired list, it is very easy to use the scrapebox application. Just download the entire list in scrapebox application, set the comment options and click on start. The lists can also be used with Fast Poster that posts the comments without using captchas. If you use the lists with Slow Poster that uses captchas then you will end up in less number of back links within a given time period.

If you have minimum knowledge of SEO techniques then start using scrapebox, a web commenting application along with high quality scrapebox approve list without investing on SEO companies which promise to raise your sites ranking. There are companies which use black hat techniques to improve the rating. If you end up hiring such a company then get ready to face the disaster of your site being blacklisted.
Steps for making the scrapebox auto approve list

Purchasing the scrapebox auto approve list may prove to be very expensive or you might even find it hard to find high quality lists. How would it be if you can create the list in an easy way? It would be wonderful right. You can generate high quality back links as the list you prepare has not been shared with anyone earlier and is unique. Here are the steps for making scrapebox auto approve list.

·         Select the spam blogs: An easy way to identify spam blogs is by identifying the site with huge number of outbound links. With the help of Outbound Link Checker pick a site that has 1000 or more back links.
·         Get the list of other spammers: Now, track down the list of spammers who have posted in that spammiest blog identified in step one. With Link Extractor you can download the links of all those who have posted comments in the spammiest blog.

·         Get the back links of the spammers: Next step is to identify the list of back links of each of these spammers. This can be done simple with the help of Back link Checker.
·         Start posting: Now that you have a big list of links start posting using fast poster. Finally, your site will have a number of back links. But, few of them might be bad links. Hence, filter the list through Link Checker and the results you obtain would be the final list to use for your business purposes.
If you are not ready to take up all these hassles then purchase the scrapebox auto approve list from reliable sellers. Know the success rate of the customers who have used their lists. Check if they are offering any bonus or discount offer. Also know if they have a refund policy in case of technical difficulties in either receiving or using the list.

Posting tips for efficient usage of scrapebox and the auto approve list
·         Set the time limit of the Fast Poster to 90 seconds. To prevent the server from getting overloaded with multiple posts make sure that the list is random. For obtaining a randomized list load the list from the harvester to the blog analyzer, select the shuffle option and then again save the list in the harvester.
·         Set the Slow and Manual Poster Blog links option of the scrapebox to 4096 KB.
·         In the first run of posting you will get few failed entries. Now, reload all the failed entries in to harvester and shuffle them. Try posting. You will definitely get 25% of successful entries. Repeat the same with the rest of the failed entries. However, the success rate gradually reduces. Finally, do not trust on the failed links listed at the bottom right corner of the scrapebox. The common errors you see with the failed links are the 302 redirect error, 500 server error and 404 not found error.

Lastly, for best results, always use fresh and high quality scrapebox auto approve list.  


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